One year of War in Ukraine: How long could conflict last? | LiveNOW from FOX

On February 24th, Ukraine marked one year since Russia launched its invasion. The United States and other allies rallied behind Ukraine, sending billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid. LiveNOW's Andrew Craft spoke with Kurt Volker, Former U.S. ambassador to NATO, and Hal Kempfer, retired Marine Corp. Intelligence Officer about the war in Ukraine and how long the conflict could last. More LiveNOW from FOX streaming video

Prisoner-swap in Russia frees Brittney Griner and 'Merchant of Death'

President Biden said Thursday that WNBA star, Brittney Griner was headed home to the U.S. after a prisoner swap that exchanged her for Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer known as the "Merchant of Death." LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow spoke with William Pomeranz, the director of the Kennan Institute about the prisoner swap.

Ukraine preserves energy amid Russian airstrikes

As the war in Ukraine continues, Russia's president has declared martial law in the annexed regions of the country. LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow explains what that means and what's next for the war.

Ukranian couple gets married at Kyiv checkpoint | LiveNOW From FOX

Amid the deadly Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Ukrainian couple was married at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Kyiv with Mayor Vitali Klitschko on hand to congratulate them. Video released by Klitschko shows the couple, as those gathered for the ceremony chant and sing the national anthem. The couple is serving with the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force, a citizen volunteer force.