Metro Detroiters on alert for flooding from Beryl

Hurricane Beryl's rainfall has flood-prone spots of metro Detroit on edge. A large section of Southeast Michigan was placed under a flood watch by the National Weather Service. Fox 2's Scott Wolcheck joins LiveNOW from FOX to discuss the latest details on Beryl's impact.

Beryl leaves millions of without power in Texas

Devastating winds and rain overtook the Houston, Texas area when Hurricane Beryl made landfall on July 8th. The storm was downgraded but not before it ripped roofs off building, downed trees, and flooded entire streets. Over 2 million lost power during the storm and the majority of those affected are still without power. LiveNOW's Andy Mac spoke about the recovery efforts with Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Peña.

Will Hurricane Beryl cause gas prices to rise?

The Port of Corpus Christi was back open by Tuesday morning, but the Houston Ship Channel, a major point for the import and export of crude oil and refined products, remains closed.

Millions without power in the greater Houston area

Tropical Storm Beryl unleashed heavy rains and powerful winds along the Texas coast on Monday, knocking out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses and flooding streets with fast-rising waters as first responders raced to rescue stranded residents.

Houston officials give Hurricane Beryl briefing

Houston officials give a briefing on Hurricane Beryl as the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Officials are urging residents to stay sheltered as there has been two storm related deaths.

Water rescue for stranded driver in Houston

A man was rescued after being stranded on top of truck from floodwaters on Highway 288. The man was forced to sit on top of the cab of the truck as he waited for first responders. This happened as Hurricane Beryl brought heavy rains and flooding along the highway. This was near Holly Hall.

Hurricane Beryl causes dangerous conditions

With Hurricane Beryl making landfall in Texas, The American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region provides life-saving services to more than 9 million people in cities such as Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Harlingen and Houston. Stephanie Fox from The American Red Cross joins LiveNOW from FOX to discuss their plans on helping the communities impacted.

Hurricane Beryl makes landfall in Texas

Hurricane Beryl officially made landfall near Matagorda, Texas on Monday morning around 5:00 A.M. Eastern Time. The National Hurricane Center said the area is Texas coast is being hit with dangerous storm surge and strong winds with flash flooding expected.

Hurricane Beryl makes landfall in Mexico

Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Mexico on Friday as a strong category 2 storm. We check in with Dr. Michael Brennan of the National Hurricane Center for the latest.

How Jamaican residents are preparing for Beryl

As Hurricane Beryl makes its way toward Jamaica, residents are gearing up to prepare for the storm. Jordan Clarke, Jamaican resident, joins LiveNOW from FOX to discuss the steps she is taking to be safe.

Hurricane Beryl roars toward Jamaica as Category 4

Hurricane Beryl sets its sights on Jamaica as a Category 4 storm after killing at least 6 people in the southeast Caribbean. To prepare, islanders in Kingston have boarded up their windows, fishermen have pulled up their boats, and workers have dismantled roadside advertising boards to protect them from expected lashing winds. “I am encouraging all Jamaicans to take the hurricane as a serious threat,” Prime Minister Andrew Holness said in a public address Tuesday. “It is, however, not a time to panic.” Michael Brennan with the National Hurricane Center joins LiveNOW from FOX to discuss the latest.