Why is it so hot?

These three things may explain why the U.S. is experiencing such warmer weather.

NWS forecasts potential Nor'easter

Matthew Belk, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boston, joins LiveNOW's Lexie Petrovic to outline the biggest concerns as a potential Nor'easter is set to hit places like New York City and Boston this week.

6 dead after atmospheric river slams California

At least six people are dead and hundreds of landslides have been reported in the wake of a powerful atmospheric river storm that lashed California. LiveNOW's Lexie Petrovic spoke about the severe weather with Alex Tardy from NWS San Diego.

Atmospheric river slamming California

Fox Weather Correspondent Robert Ray joins LiveNOW's Lexie Petrovic from the Los Angeles area to show widespread damage and debris left by an atmospheric river that has slammed the region in recent days.