Starliner capsule crew still in space

Fox News Correspondent Jonathan Serrie joins LiveNOW from FOX to talk about the Starliner crew stuck in space. NASA is set to provide an update on the Space Station crew flight test.

UFOs and aliens: What presidents know, but won’t say, about them

For decades, presidents have presumably been privy to whatever information exists about UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life collected by the government. But so far, none of them have actually spilled the beans once they left office.

New weather satellite set for launch

The nation's most advanced fleet of satellites are about to undergo an update. The fourth and final installation of NOAA’s GOES-R series will launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center later today. The new satellite, named GOES-U, will join the fleet that helps keep us safe here on the ground and in space. Kevin Fryar, NOAA meteorologist, joins Jeane Franseen to discuss the details.

UFO transparency advocates want UAP questions in presidential debate

The New Paradigm Institute has launched a social media campaign urging debate moderators to ask presidential candidates if they will release UFO-related documents, emphasizing the importance of UAP disclosure and government transparency for the next president.

Full 'Strawberry Moon' welcomes first day of summer

The full Strawberry Moon on June 21 will appear extremely low on the horizon, the lowest Moon of the year. June's full Moon also happens a day after summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the official start of astronomical summer.