Israel-Hamas war: 12 hostages released Tuesday

A dozen hostages, including 10 Israelis and two Thai citizens, were released by Hamas on Tuesday. LiveNOW's Andrew Craft dives into the latest with retired Marine Corps intelligence officer Hal Kempfer.

Israel-Hamas war: No Americans freed on day one

A four-day ceasefire is underway in the Israel-Hamas war. Two dozen hostages were released on Friday, including 13 Israelis. Retired Marine Corps intelligence officer Hal Kempfer and LiveNOW's Carel Lajara discuss the latest.

Analyzing Hamas hostages' readjustment to life

Dr. Paul Spiegel, Professor and Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, joins LiveNOW's Carel Lajara to break down the potential hurdles that Hamas hostages could face when readjusting to life after being in captivity.

Hamas hostages: Mental health challenges

Dr. Vince Callahan, founder of the Florida Institute for Neural Discovery, joins LiveNOW's Austin Westfall to shine a light on the mental health challenges that Hamas hostages could face upon returning home.

Hostage release: Rescue organization breakdown

LiveNOW's Austin Westfall talks about the Israel-Hamas hostage deal with Bryan Stern, the founder and CEO of Project Dynamo, a nonprofit organization that rescues Americans from war zones around the world.