Cherokee Nation and the Department of Veteran Affairs sign historic agreement

As we celebrate Veterans Day, Cherokee Nation and the Department of Veterans Affairs sign a historic agreement. The tribe will provide around 1,300 square feet of leased space, for the VA Clinic, which is set to open around the new year. The VA clinic will serve both Native Veterans and non-Native Veterans, in the region.

Unique equine therapy helps Veterans with PTSD

This Veterans Day, we take a look at how Veterans are coping with PTSD. Havenfort looks to help, buy using a method of equine therapy. They share how it works on LiveNOW from FOX.

PTSD treatment in metaverse setting

BioCoreRx is partnering with 2B3D to create a first-of-its-kind treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD. LiveNOW from FOX learns more about this virtual reality software.