UAW strike update: Ford, GM lay off more workers

More General Motors and Ford employees were told to not come to work this week as the UAW strike continues.

GM laid off 164 workers in Ohio and Indiana, while Ford laid off 330 workers in Illinois and Ohio.

Ford said these additions are due to the strike at Chicago Assembly Plant. UAW members at that plant were called to join the strike Friday after UAW President Shawn Fain said Ford and GM "refused to make meaningful progress at the table."

It's not the first time the automakers have laid off employees during the strike. Ford, GM, and Stellantis have all laid off workers since the strike began Sept. 15.

Currently, about 25,000 UAW members are on strike nationwide.

Along with the layoffs, the strike has also led to large losses, according to Anderson Economic Group (AEG).


UAW Strike inflicts nearly $4 billion in losses, analysis shows

The economic damage from the strike will continue to worsen each week that workers are off the line. After last week's added targets, one automaker is expected to hit particularly hard.

In an analysis of the strike's fiscal impacts, AEG said the second week was costlier than the first week after suppliers in 20 states stopped operating after being called on by Fain.

The union is participating in a stand-up strike, meaning that only some members are striking, but more will be added as negotiations continue.

AEG says this strike has cost $3.95 billion, including more than a billion in losses for the Detroit Big Three. Of this, $325 million is lost wages. 

"Suppliers were particularly hard-hit by the UAW’s strategy of announcing specific plants to be struck just hours before they were shut down," said AEG CEO Patrick Anderson. "The shutdown of 38 parts distributions centers also crimped dealership service operations and, of course, caused more UAW workers to lose wages."

All Ford and GM parts distribution centers were called to strike last week.

If negotiations continue to stall, more UAW members are expected to be called on to strike.

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