Summertime snacks: Five recipes we love

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After a few hours basking in the summer sun (or reveling in the summer shade), is there anything better than a snack? 

Sure, naps are good. But for our money, the satisfaction of a tasty treat on a hot day can’t be beat. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the most delicious bites we could find, focusing on recipes with minimal oven time and at least some nutritional value.

Best of all, most of these recipes are highly kid-friendly – or can be made so with the tequila omitted. (But no pressure – grown-ups deserve snacks, too!) 

Read on for our picks!

Cucumber bites: Cool and cute

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Cucumber slices are super refreshing all on their own, but what we like most about this simple recipe from the family-focused blog Eating on a Dime is the creativity. A little prep work (and a trusty melon-baller) turns each slice into its own little bowl of dip. 

Author Carrie Barnard fills her cucumbers with a DIY ranch dip, but it would work just as well with hummus, green goddess dressing, guacamole or even gazpacho. 

As a final plus, the cucumber bites are garnished with additional veggies, a touch that makes them look festive and sneaks yet more vegetable goodness into your summer feasting. 

Get the recipe here.

Tequila guacamole: Grown-up guac

Credit: kasia2003 (iStock/Getty Images Plus) (Getty Images) is one of this author’s go-to sources for tasty, healthy snacks, and tequila guacamole – a fun twist on a picnic fave and typical of the site’s commitment to nutritious dishes that don’t skimp on flavor.

While this grown-up guac would make an excellent treat for an afternoon spent sipping margaritas, there’s not enough booze to make anyone tipsy (the recipe calls for one tablespoon of tequila – about a third of a shot). 

But while it may not pack a punch in terms of its alcohol content, the addition of silver tequila does enhance the flavor of this summer staple.

And if you want to make it kid-friendly, simply skip the hard stuff. 

Get the recipe here

Elote nachos: Fun and filling

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Few ingredients scream "summertime!" like fresh corn. But one of the things we like most about this creative recipe from Delish is its flexibility. 

Do you have some grilled chicken, steak, or veggies left over from your last grill night? Add ‘em in. Don’t have fresh corn to hand? Sub frozen. Eager to make this snack a meal? Include meat, guacamole, or both. 

Basically, you get all the flexibility (and minimal oven time) of standard skillet nachos with a fun, flavorful summer twist. Add the tequila guac for an especially festive dish! 

Get the recipe here

Melon feta bites: Easy and elegant

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These one-bite nibbles from Ree Drummond are a great option for entertaining, hitting the bull’s-eye on three vital qualities that are often mutually exclusive: They’re easy to make, come together quickly, and look (and taste!) fancy. 

You only need toothpicks, a balsamic glaze, a big block of feta, and a quick stroll through the produce department. 

Drummond’s recipe calls for basil, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and seedless watermelon. If you’re not a huge melon fan or want a little more variety, you can sub in any fruit that would pair well with feta and will maintain its shape on a toothpick. 

Get the recipe here

Piña ​​colada dip: Sweet and surprising

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For a sweet treat that’s likely to make you start singing about getting caught in the rain, it’s hard to think of a simpler and more appetizing option than this cool piña colada dip. 

Unlike the tequila guacamole, this recipe is alcohol-free, though serving it alongside its cocktail namesake seems like a slam-dunk idea.

But with or without a little libation on the side, this Taste of Home recipe is a cool, tasty summertime treat best served with fruit and small, wafer-like cookies. It comes together quickly (though it will need to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours before it’s ready to go) and is not so rich that it needs to be relegated to a dessert table. 

If you want things even sweeter (and colder), try dipping popsicles instead of fruit or cookies!

Get the recipe here.