Science experiment at Tennessee elementary school sends 18 students, teacher to hospital

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A science experiment at an elementary school in Tennessee ended with 18 students and a teacher in the hospital Friday. 

Local reports say an outside presenter was conducting science experiments with third-graders at Vena Stuart Elementary in Gallatin, which is about 30 miles northeast of Nashville. 

One of the experiments reportedly involved dry ice. 

Afterwards, several children began saying they felt nauseous and went to see the school nurse, Sumner County Schools Director, Dr. Scott Langford, said in a video statement posted on social media. 

The school nurse called for help, and Langford said even more students were coming forward to say they didn’t feel well. 

"Out of an abundance of caution, 18 students and a teacher were transported to area hospitals to be checked on," Langford said. 

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All students were reported to be OK and released eventually to the care of their parents. 

Dry ice is the solid form of the gas carbon dioxide, and can pose an inhalation risk if it melts in a small space that isn’t well-ventilated. 

Fire crews assessed and ventilated the room where the experiment took place.

This story was reported from Detroit.