Royal Caribbean cruise ship employee accused of hiding under beds, recording travelers in their rooms

A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship stateroom attendant is accused of recording travelers and children while onboard the Symphony of the Seas ship, court records show. 

Arvin Joseph Mirasolis, of the Philippines, was arrested and charged in Florida with the production of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

On February 26, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines alerted several law enforcement agencies about Mirasolis' criminal activity after he allegedly placed a camera into guests' bathrooms to record them while the ship was sailing in international waters, court records show. 


Mugshot of Arvin Joseph Mirasolis, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship employee accused of recording guests in their bathrooms | Credit: Broward County Jail

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When the Symphony of the Seas ship docked in Haiti on March 3, Homeland Security Agents and Customs and Border Patrol Officers took custody of Mirasol's electronics, where they found several videos of a woman undressing in the bathroom along with child pornography. 


The video also shows Mirasol installing the camera in one of the cruise ship bathrooms. 

He also told agents he'd enter rooms and hide underneath beds to record travelers.

Mirasol began working on the Symphony of the Seas around December 2023 and said he's been recording travelers ever since. 

When questioned by law enforcement about his actions, he said, "I want to control it, but I can't," an affidavit shows.