Nonalcoholic White Claw draws mockery, praise from social media: ‘Seltzer water at beer prices’

The seltzers come in four different flavors – black cherry cranberry, mango passionfruit, peach orange blossom and lime yuzu. (White Claw / Fox News)

The hard seltzer company White Claw has sparked a social media frenzy after releasing a new 0% alcohol variety pack with a hefty price tag.

The drinks come in four flavors — black cherry cranberry, mango passionfruit, peach orange blossom and lime yuzu — and are designed to replicate the taste of the original White Claw Hard Seltzers.

Each 12-ounce can has 15 calories and includes electrolytes for added hydration. 

After reaching store shelves on January 1 at Kroger, Total Wine & More and Albertsons/Safeway, users on X and TikTok offered their perspectives on the new product line.


"We've come full circle," @hello—caitlin tweeted, alongside a picture of a stack of 0% White Claws at the grocery store.

"White Claw 0% Alcohol... looks like something you’d be proud to hold at any adult drinking occasion, " Mark Anthony Brands Inc. president Phil Rosse said. (Credit: White Claw / Fox News)

Many accounts questioned the purpose of the new non-alcoholic beverage, with some saying it was just rebranded sparkling water.

User Alex Jewell took issue with the tagline of "a new wave in drinking," sarcastically calling it a "clever reinvention" of seltzer water.

"Oh…. what if we used it as a mixer…. I bet it would go good with vodka ….," user Cleo Night wrote.

"So, it's flavored water?" another user asked. 

Mark Anthony Brands Inc. president Phil Rosse says White Claw 0% "paves the way for an entirely new adult beverage." (Credit: White Claw / Fox News)

Some users online took issue with the cost of the new seltzers, which has a suggested retailer price range of $17.49-$19.99 for a 12-pack or $10.99-$11.49 for a 6-pack. 

"Seltzer water at beer prices," one user wrote. 

"There's literally seltzer water right behind it for probably half the price," another chimed in.


The product launch comes just in time for "Dry January," when some people start the New Year by taking a break from alcohol.

Those who abstain from alcohol during the month or in perpetuity expressed excitement about the drink.

"I actually like this," Michael Antelo posted on X. "As someone who can't have alcohol, now I have a new drink to try?"

On TikTok, influencer @delanielynne announced she had been "waiting her entire pregnancy" to try a non-alcoholic White Claw beverage. She included a video of her dancing in front of the new product to the Lizzo song "About Damn Time."

The popular TikTok channel Bro Bible noted the branding on the cans for the new seltzer water looks very similar to White Claw Surge, which contains 8% alcohol.

"Imagine mixing up those at work," Bro Bible joked. 

Ian Blessing, a former French Laundry sommelier, or wine professional, told FOX Business that anything that made adult non-alcoholic options more accessible to the public was a good development.

"That said, White Claw 0% is an obvious play for market share in the booming non-alc industry, and
there are far more interesting, thoughtful ready-to-drink options out there," he told FOX Business. "Ultimately, I'm glad the option exists for those who drank White Claw, enjoyed the flavor, and want to carry on the ritual without the alcohol. Personally, I'm happy to stick with traditional non-alcoholic seltzer, or you know, seltzer, at a fraction of the cost."
Aaron Sternlicht, an addiction specialist and co-founder of Family Addiction Specialist, said it was positive to see another non-alcoholic option in the market. 

"The growing trend of such beverages along with mocktails and sober bars reflect a positive shift in societal attitudes towards alcohol consumption," he told FOX Business. "This trend not only caters to individuals in recovery but also appeals to a broader audience seeking healthier lifestyle choices. Sobriety is becoming more celebrated, and these alternatives offer a social experience without the potential risks associated with alcohol. Overall, the trend signifies a cultural shift towards mindful drinking and inclusivity in social settings."

White Claw's newest beverage category is the product of "years of research" to develop the first "authentic-tasting" non-alcoholic drink, according to a press release.

In a statement sent to FOX Business, Mark Anthony Brands Inc. president Phil Rosse acknowledged the exploration of these semi- and non-alcoholic lifestyle changes.

"Legal drinking age Gen-Z and millennials … want more flexible drinking options, with or without alcohol, so we saw an opportunity to disrupt the non-alcoholic space in the same way we disrupted the hard seltzer category years ago — with drinks that have a fundamentally different look, taste and feel," he said. 

"White Claw 0% alcohol offers the depth of flavor and complexity you'd expect from an alcoholic beverage without the alcohol, and it looks like something you'd be proud to hold at any adult drinking occasion," Anthony added.

A majority of alcohol drinkers, about 80% of Millennials and Gen Zers, are interested in exploring a "sober-curious" or "damp" lifestyle, a new survey from the company revealed.

Fox News' Angelica Stabile contributed to this report. 

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