Mountain lion drags dog from Sonoma County home: Video

A woman in Sonoma County said she can rest easier after crews tracked down and euthanized a mountain lion that has been terrorizing her home.

Rebecca Kracker said she heard her dog yelping and growling and when she went to check on him, he was being dragged out of the house by his neck. 

Video shows the lion standing over Sherman, a border collie, in the backyard.

"She was bearing her teeth and hissing, and he had passed out from shock," Kracker said on Tuesday. "I thought he was dead at that point."

Kracker said she chased off the lion and Sherman survived the attack. 

But a day after, the big cat returned. 

This time, to kill two of her goats, Kracker said.

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"This is not normal, there's something wrong with this mountain lion," said Kracker. "She shouldn't be walking into my house. She should have some fear."

Kracker said the lion was tracked down by crews last weekend and put down. 

Sherman has recovered from the attack and is doing okay, she said.