Motorcyclist flies off bike seconds after breaking 100 mph on 5 Freeway in LA County – and survives crash

A motorcyclist who was spotted breaking 100 mph on the 5 Freeway gets in a horrific crash mid-police chase – and somehow survives.

SkyFOX was over the scene on the 5 Freeway near the City of Commerce in Los Angeles County a little after 8:50 p.m. The motorcyclist, who was initially wanted for speeding, led the California Highway Patrol on the high-speed chase Friday night.

When the motorcyclist was close to passing the 130A exit, near Atlantic Boulevard South, the driver clipped his bike with a car at the scene of an unrelated crash and flew off the bike.

After a couple of minutes of squirming on the ground and somehow not getting hit by passing vehicles on the 5 Freeway, the motorcyclist eventually got up and appeared alert enough to make a phone call and speak with other people involved in the crash scene.

Law-enforcement officers who arrived at the scene checked on the motorcyclist before placing him in handcuffs and sending him to the hospital via a responding ambulance.

It is unknown if the motorcyclist was wanted for other crimes at the time of the police chase.

Northbound lanes of the 5 Freeway near the City of Commerce remain shut down as crews clear out the scene.

It is unknown if other people were hurt in the large crash scene. Officials did not specify how the crash happened in the first place.

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