25 years later: TWA Flight 800 wreckage to be destroyed | LiveNOW from FOX

LiveNOW takes a look at the TWA Flight 800 memorial in Mastic Beach, NY while discussing the latest developments 25 years after the crash. The crash killed all 230 people on board. On July 17 loved ones will gather for a service at the memorial at Smith Point County Park, the closest point on land to where the plane went down. The NTSB announced that it is decommissioning the reconstructed wreckage that since 2003 has sat in a hangar in Virginia. It has been used as a training device, but advancements in technology rendered it unnecessary. Once the wreckage is thoroughly documented, it will be destroyed out of respect for the families. Despite the NTSB report, some still suspect that a Navy missile or terrorism caused the crash.

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