Richard Branson Virgin Galactic blast off into space | LiveNOW from FOX

There was no warning or pre-launch coverage ahead of Richard Branson and five others blasting off into space on Sunday, July 11, from Spaceport America in New Mexico. David Mackay and Michael Massucci piloted Unity, the aircraft named by the late Stephen Hawking. Former NASA engineer Beth Moses will be on board, as will first-time space travelers Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandla. Unity will take off from New Mexico while attached to a specially-designed double aircraft named after Branson’s mother, Eve. Former NASA astronaut C.J. Sturckow and Kelly Latimer will be piloting Eve. Once Eve reaches 50,000 feet, Unity will be released — briefly falling before its rocket ignites and propels the crew to space. There is expected to be a newser following the crew's return to Earth.

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