Maine mass shooting: Bates College on lockdown

The manhunt for the suspect in the Maine mass shooting continues tonight, and Bates College is still locked down. The school, which is located in Lewiston, ME has now been "locked down" for more tan 24 hours. Bates Campus Safety sent a text message via the Emergency System advising students to stay inside; half an hour later, Lewiston declared a city-wide lockdown. Campus events were cancelled and businesses closed their doors. Bates cancelled all classes for the rest of the week, as did Lewiston Public Schools and other school districts across the state. LiveNOW's Andy Mac spoke about the shooting and the impact on Bates College with Paul Blume, who graduated from Bates College and was in town for a reunion over the summer. Blume detailed what students went through and the impact on the Lewiston community. More LiveNOW from FOX streaming video

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