Escaped inmate has 10+ years military experience

The search continues for Michael Burham the murder suspect who escaped from a Warren, PA county prison last week. Burham is described as a survivalist and he has more than a decade of military experience, according to an ex-girlfriend. "He's a smart guy, he loves strategy and he loves to think about what he's got versus what you got," Elizabeth Hensley-Siever said. "He outsmarted them so many times now and I hate it, I hate that he's on the loose." Burham is accused of shooting a different ex-girlfriend to death in New York before lighting another woman's car on fire and then kidnapping a Pennsylvania couple, according to police. He was arrested in Pennsylvania and awaiting extradition to New York to face the murder charge when he escaped. "They just thought he was the everyday guy who was just going to sit there complacently," Hensley-Siever said. "I believe that from the minute they caught him, he was planning an escape or looking for an escape." Police have used infrared technology, helicopters and drones to search for Burham through the densely wooded terrain along the Pennsylvania, New York border. LiveNOW's Andy Mac also spoke with survivalist Dan Wowak, the co-owner and founder of Coalcracker Bushcraft, about the challenges facing law enforcement and Burham's chances of survival in the wild. "If you're an avid outdoorsman and survivalist... his skillset will allow him to move a lot more quickly and efficiently through a woodland area than an official," Wowak said. "With all the vegetation and cover at this point its very easy to conceal yourself in that rugged landscape." Wowak also said Burham's psychological strength will be tested as he spends more time in isolation in the woods. "Even if you think you're the toughest person going, there's wild sounds at night in the woods, its dark, it starts to get cold, and different things go through your mind," Wowak said. "So if you add on top of that, authorities are coming for you, I can just imagine that just plays a lot of psychological damage on you." More LiveNOW from FOX streaming video

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