Buster Murdaugh denies involvement in death of classmate Stephen Smith | LiveNOW from FOX

Alex Murdaugh's eldest and only surviving son, Buster Murdaugh issued a statement through his attorney, Jim Griffin, denying any involvement into the 2015 death of his high school classmate, Stephen Smith. "Buster is a victim. He lost a mother, a brother, and now his father's in jail," attorney Eric Bland said during a press conference. "Buster, as we know, has nothing to do with this. And whatever is mentioned in the records, that's what investigators are going to look at. But we have no knowledge at all about Buster or the Murdaughs having anything to do with this right now. We're starting with a fresh set of eyes." Smith died in July 2015 in what police initially described as a hit-and-run along a rural road just miles from the Murdaugh family's hunting estate, Moselle, in Hampton County, South Carolina. The attorneys will be petitioning a Hampton County court for an exhumation and a new autopsy. More LiveNOW from FOX streaming video

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