US threatens TikTok ban: What's the impact on influencers & content creators? | LiveNOW from FOX

The Biden administration has demanded TikTok's Chinese owners divest their stakes in the app or face a possible ban, according to a report. The move, reported by The Wall Street Journal citing people familiar with the matter, is the most dramatic in a series of recent steps by U.S. officials and legislators who have raised fears that TikTok's U.S. user data could be passed on to China's government. ByteDance-owned TikTok has more than 100 million U.S. users. FOX 5 New York's Kendall Green and Politico reporter Brendan Bordelon join LiveNOW's Andrew Craft to discuss what a ban could mean for businesses, influencers and other users of the app. More LiveNOW from FOX streaming video

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