LA City Council Scandal: De Leon fights with protester, Cedillo explains refusal to resign

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, "The preliminary investigation revealed that Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin de León was involved in an altercation. While participating in a local community event, Councilmember de León was approached by multiple community members, who blocked his path of travel as he attempted to leave the building. It was during this encounter that an allegation was made of one male, identified as Jason Reedy, headbutting, pushing, and punching Councilmember de León." De León has faced intense pressure from colleagues, state and national elected officials and activists to resign ever since a leaked audio was released of an October 2021 conversation about redistricting that featured the councilman and others, including Gil Cedillo and Nury Martinez, using racial slurs and blunt talk of political power grabs that has roiled the city for months. Meanwhile, LA City Councilmember Gil Cedillo explained in a press release why he refuses to resign, and despite public outcry, he didn’t break any laws. Cedillo wrote, "I refused to resign before my term ended. That’s not who I am, and I did nothing that warranted it. My life’s work has been about fighting relentlessly for those who do not have a voice – regardless of their ethnic background." You can read more of Cedillo's statement on the FOX11 Los Angeles website:

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