Darrell Brooks Trial: anonymous Reddit post overshadows closing arguments | LiveNOW from FOX

The Darrell Brooks trial is nearly at its end. Closing arguments finally wrapped in the Waukesha Christmas parade trial after a lengthy trial that included several interruptions. Judge Jennifer Dorow said the court had been notified of someone claiming to be a juror posting on a "Justice4Darrell" sub-Reddit. The original, anonymous post was critical of the court and showed support for Brooks. The post was later edited to clarify it was a prank. Brooks, who is representing himself, is accused of driving his mother's SUV through the Waukesha Christmas parade last year, killing six and injuring countless others. Prosecutors argued that Brooks intended to hurt people that day but Brooks insisted on his right to inform the jury of its power to nullify. Nullification is when jurors find a defendant factually guilty but acquit them because they disagree with the law as written. Judge Dorow explained to Brooks that bringing up jury nullification is not allowed in court, under state law. At the conclusion of Brooks' closing argument, he said, "my conscience is clear. Look inside yourself to make the right decision, whatever you decide, make sure you can live with it."

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