Finish Eliza's Run: running community plans to honor Eliza Fletcher with in-person and virtual events across U.S.

Runners around the U.S. will lace up their shoes to #finisheliza'srun. The virtual run in her honor is gaining traction online. It's being viewed as a way for the running community to mourn and cope with their feelings. The run will also focus on creating a safer tomorrow for all runners. “It shouldn't matter, It should have no bearing on," said Krystyne Marks, a Tampa runner. "You know what time she was running, that she was running alone, that she wasn't carrying a weapon, that she was wearing a sports bra, that she was wearing shorts." Some people plan on starting their runs at 4:20 a.m., the same time Eliza was abducted. People are also encouraged to wear pink and purple clothing, the same colors the 34-year-old mother of two was wearing. "Please come out and, you know, run in her honor," said Noelle Moeller, a member of Thunder Bay Runners.

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