Kentucky flooding: kayaker describes heroic rooftop rescue | LiveNOW from FOX

Links to help those affected by record-setting flooding in Eastern Kentucky. GoFundMe for Chloe Adams and her dog Sandy: Appalachian Regional Healthcare Foundation Flood Relief Fund: Red Cross Response to Flooding in Eastern Kentucky: Eastern Kentucky University SAFE fund supports students affected by flooding in Eastern Kentucky: As fast-moving floodwaters swept through eastern Kentucky, Chloe Adams wasn't about to leave her dog behind. Flash flooding devastated parts of the state, killing at least 37 people and damaging hundreds of homes as rivers and creeks rose out of their banks due to torrential rain. With the water rapidly rising in the middle of the night, the 17-year-old girl acted quickly and grabbed a plastic bin. "She saved her dog by putting her in a container that would float and then swam with her to a neighboring rooftop," Terry Adams, Chloe's father, wrote on Facebook. The teen was ultimately rescued by a family member, a kayaker, who said that Chloe had to swim about 70 yards across the water's current while pulling her dog, named Sandy, in the container behind her in order to get to the roof for safety. "She waited hours until she could be rescued. She is a hero," her father wrote. "We lost everything today… everything except what matters most."

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