Stock market dips after Fed announces another rate hike

The stock market slipped across the board Thursday, the day after the Federal Reserve announced another rate hike of 50 basis points. Willie Delwiche, an investment strategist with All Star Charts, spoke with LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow about the situation.

Waukesha police shooting, 2 officers hurt, female shooter dead

Police said officers assisting a landlord with an "erratic" tenant were fired at in Waukesha Wednesday afternoon, and one was hit. The female shooter was later found dead in the basement. A second officer was not shot but went to the hospital with injuries.

Waukesha to hold first Christmas parade since deadly attack

The city of Waukesha, Wisconsin will host its first Christmas parade since Darrell Brooks drove into the crowd in Nov. 2021, killing several people and injuring dozens of others. FOX 6 Milwaukee's Amelia Jones joined LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow to discuss the event.