Where is Yahya Sinwar? Gaza leader M.I.A.

The whereabouts of the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar remain unknown. Dr. Raphael Cohen at RAND spoke with LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow about the latest Israel-Hamas war developments.

Syria blames Israel for Damascus airstrike

Syria has blamed Israel for the airstrike on a residential area of Damascus that killed at least two people; Israel has not responded to the claims. FOX's Trey Yingst joined LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow with the latest developments out of the Middle East.

James Biden interviewed amid impeachment inquiry

James Biden, the younger brother of President Joe Biden was interviewed Wednesday morning by members of the House Oversight Committee, as part of the impeachment inquiry into the president. Dr. Patricia Crouse at the University of New Haven explains what happened to LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow.

Migrant attack: Video captures assault in NYC

Video captured a confrontation between NYPD officers and migrants on Randall's Island, adding to the list of violent migrant attacks in New York City. FOX's CB Cotton joined LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow with the latest.

LockBit infiltrated by international agencies

Law enforcement agencies have infiltrated and disrupted the prolific ransomware syndicate LockBit that has extracted $120 million from thousands of victims around the world, with two people arrested, British, U.S. and European officials said Tuesday. Patrick Kelley, CEO at Leargas Security joined LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow to explain what happened.

Israeli Gov. briefing for day 138 of war

Israeli government spokesperson Ilana Stein gives an update on efforts to free hostages taken by Hamas when the war began, 138 days ago. LiveNOW from FOX | Raw & unfiltered news

American ballerina arrested in Russia for treason

Ksenia Karelina has been identified as the American ballerina arrested in Russia on charges of treason after donating $50 to help Ukraine. Her former mother-in-law, Eleonora Srebrokski joined LiveNOW from FOX's Josh Breslow as the family pleads for Ksenia's release.

Jury section begins in sex cult leader trial

The trial of the leader of an alleged cult based in DeKalb County is beginning jury selection today. Eligio Bishop, the 41-year-old leader of the suspected cult Carbon Nation who goes by "Natureboy" and "3God," is facing charges of rape, false imprisonment, and prohibition on sexually explicit transmissions. Marc Teichner with FOX 5 Atlanta has more.

Trump campaigns in South Carolina

Just three days left until the next presidential contest as former president Donald Trump made a stop in South Carolina. FOX News' Doug Luzader has more.

Body of 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham found

The Polk County Sheriff office in Houston says the body of 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham has been found in the Trinity River. The person of interest connected with Cunningham's disappearance, Don Steven McDougal, is expected to be charged with murder after admitting to leaving with her. FOX 26 Houston's Shelby Rose has more on the sad discovery.

Man arrested for killing woman in NYC hotel

The man wanted for the murder of a woman inside a NYC Soho hotel has been arrested in Arizona. The suspect 26-year-old Raad Almansoori was also linked to a string of other violent crime against women across Florida, Texas and Arizona. FOX 5 New York's Briella Tomassetti has the latest.

Audrii Cunningham's body found in Texas river

FOX 26 Houston's Abigail Dye joins LiveNOW's Austin Westfall with a live report on Audrii Cunningham, the 11-year-old girl in Texas whose body was found in a river on Tuesday. She had previously been missing for several days.

California eagles protect eggs on livestream

Sandy Steers with Friends of Big Bear Valley joins LiveNOW's Austin Westfall to talk about a pair of California birds who have been seen protecting their eggs on a livestream for several weeks.

YSL RICO trial attorney arrested on gang charge

A YSL RICO trial defense attorney, Nicole Fegan, has been arrested on gang charge. LiveNOW's Andrew Craft spoke about Fegan's charges and other celebrity court stories with legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff.

Breaking down state of Ukraine's war effort

National security analyst and retired Marine Intelligence officer Hal Kempfer joins LiveNOW's Andrew Craft to weigh in on Ukraine's war effort as the second anniversary of Russia's invasion is on Thursday.

US vetoes UN resolution on Gaza ceasefire

National security analyst and retired Marine Intelligence officer Hal Kempfer joins LiveNOW's Andrew Craft to talk about the Israel-Hamas war, including the US vetoing a United Nations resolution.