Melissa Brennan

Melissa Brennan

Producer / Digital Journalist

As a self-proclaimed news junkie, I love to keep up to date with what's going on in the world from politics to entertainment to sports. Working for the RedZone of news allows me to do this daily, in a new and innovative way!

Before coming to LiveNOW from FOX, I was a morning news anchor at WLNS-TV in Lansing, Michigan, waking up at the break of dawn to start the day with viewers. Now, I’m partly behind the camera to continue my passion for sharing important news content while starting a family!

I always planned on coming back home to Arizona to take advantage of the sunshine, outdoor activities, and of course, to be close to friends and family. Doing what you love, where you want to live - in this industry… doesn’t always happen!

Some fun facts about me are: I was a contestant on The Price is Right, I played D1 soccer at Arizona State University, I studied abroad on Semester at Sea, and I’ve been to over 70 countries. I also love extra toasty Cheez-It's, Diet Coke, and Blue Raspberry Icee’s… I can’t have a bio on me out there without including these very important facts!