WATCH: WWII-era bomb detonated on Belgian beach

Authorities in Belgium detonated a World War II-era bomb that was found on a beach next to the Belgian town of Koksijde.

The operation was carried out by the military’s bomb disposal unit on Feb. 28. 

Local police said the bomb weighed more than 220 pounds. It was moved away from the building before being detonated for safety reasons. 

The beach lies about 12 miles from Dunkirk. Local reports said it's not uncommon to find WWII-era bombs in the area. 

Another bomb was found on a Belgian beach in May 2023. The device was found amid works already underway to rid the beach of projectiles and explosives from the war, according to Koksijde Mayor Marc Vanden Bussche.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles. Austin Williams contributed.