The world's most liveable cities for 2024 listed in new report

Looking for your next place to call home? The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has just released its Global Liveability Index 2024, showcasing the top cities around the world for livability. 

Whether you're looking for excellent healthcare, a vibrant cultural scene, or a safe and welcoming community, these cities might offer what you’re looking for. 

The EIU, a division of The Economist Group, evaluates cities globally, focusing on various factors that make a city livable.

How the cities are ranked

The EIU’s report examines 173 cities using 30 indicators divided into several categories, including stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure. Cities are then ranked on a 100-point scale to determine how comfortable they are to live in.

Vienna tops the list again

For the third consecutive year, Vienna, Austria, celebrated for its cultural richness and public services, claims the title of the world's best city to live. Western Europe remains the world’s most livable region with eight cities in the top 20. Copenhagen, Denmark, holds second place, and Zurich, Switzerland, takes third, ousting Melbourne, Australia, which held the spot last year.

Global trends in livability

This year’s report highlights a positive trend driven by improvements in healthcare and education in developing nations. However, these gains are somewhat offset by declining scores in several top-tier cities due to geopolitical risks and other factors.

 Notably, cities in developing regions have made significant strides in improving their livability standards.

Best cities to live in the U.S.

While the U.S. didn't crack the top 20 globally, Honolulu takes the top spot as the best U.S. city to live, ranking 23rd overall. 

Smaller cities like Pittsburgh, Boston, and Minneapolis continue to outperform larger metropolises such as New York and Los Angeles, which have weaker ratings for stability and infrastructure.

People are walking and enjoying the sunny spring day in front of Saint Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, on April 4, 2024. (Photo by Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Biggest changes in the rankings

Europe, despite dominating the top 20, faces challenges with a decline in stability scores due to a surge in protests. Hong Kong saw significant improvements, climbing the ranks thanks to better stability and healthcare. Conversely, Tel Aviv experienced a sharp drop due to ongoing conflicts in Gaza, while Gulf cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi saw major improvements.

Rankings of the best cities to live around the world

  1. Vienna, Austria
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Zurich, Switzerland
  4. Melbourne, Australia
  5. Calgary, Canada (tied with Geneva)
  6. Geneva, Switzerland (tie)
  7. Sydney, Australia (tied with Vancouver)
  8. Vancouver, Canada (tie)
  9. Osaka, Japan (tied with Auckland)
  10. Auckland, New Zealand (tie)

Rankings of the best cities to live in the U.S.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii (overall ranking: 23)
  2. Atlanta, Georgia (overall ranking: 29)
  3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (overall ranking: 30)
  4. Seattle, Washington (overall ranking: 34)
  5. Washington D.C. (overall ranking: 38)
  6. Chicago, Illinois (overall ranking: 39)
  7. Boston, Massachusetts (overall ranking: 45)
  8. Miami, Florida (overall ranking: 47)
  9. San Francisco, California (overall ranking: 49)
  10. Minneapolis, Minnesota (overall ranking: 50)