Sky's the limit: Women shatter skydiving records in Australia

A group of women broke two skydiving records for formation over Toogoolawah, Australia, on Sunday. 

According to the Australian Parachute Federation, "24 fearless women" set the Australian Women’s record with a 2-point 24-way total break sequential.

Video recorded showed the women jumping from two separate aircraft at 14,000 feet. They then gathered together in free-fall and assembled themselves into two consecutive 24-way formations.

"Remarkably, these women achieved this record on their first attempt," the federation said. The group had waited days for the right weather conditions to attempt the dive.

"Not content to stop there, the women…broke another (different) record on their second jump together," the statement continued while detailing that 23 skydivers from the same group set the record for the Largest Australian Women’s Star formation.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.