'Wheel of Fortune' contestant goes viral for X-rated answer: 'Will be played for eternity'

The TV game show "Wheel Of Fortune" celebrates its 25th anniversary at Radio City Music Hall on September 27, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

"Wheel of Fortune" might have made history on Thursday for one of the most mystifying answers ever given by a contestant. 

Things got X-rated on the family-friendly game show when a contestant named Tavaris misidentified a popular phrase.

Vanna White, as always, was on hand to reveal part of the phrase. The board read: _ _ _ _ /I _ /T _ E /B _ _ T! 

Tavaris took a look at the game board, quickly buzzing in that he had the answer. 

"Right in the butt," he said with confidence, until fellow contestant Tyra, on the opposite side of the stage, audibly expressed her bewilderment. The audience collectively guffawed at the awkward moment.

"What?" she said. The camera then panned to Tavaris, who looked like a deer in headlights. 

"No," host Pat Sajak said, definitively.

The correct answer, which contestant Beth guessed, was "T H I S / I S / T H E / B E S T !"

Social media was flooded with reactions to the X-rated flub, with several popular accounts sharing the moment with their followers. People had a field day with the raunchiness of the guess.

  • "Wheel of Fortune needs a new tv rating after this"
  • "Wheel of Fortune is a lot spicier than I remember"
  • "Will this end up being the most-viewed Wheel of Fortune clip of all time?"
  • "He just became a part of Wheel of Fortune history in a clip that will be played for eternity"
  • "The greatest wrong answer in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ history (and maybe game show history, period)"

The show also shared the hilarious clip on their official Instagram page, eliciting even more reactions.

"The look on his face after saying it." 

Sajak has been the show's host since 1981. His final episode will air June 7.

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