What's open and closed on Presidents Day

As the nation celebrates President's Day on Monday, it’ll mark the last federal holiday until May. 

While most businesses will be open, others are closed to observe the holiday.

Here’s what’s open and closed on Monday. 

What’s closed on Presidents Day?

All bank branches are closed but you can take care of your banking needs by visiting ATMs and accessing your bank account online or through your bank’s mobile app. Consumers should check their bank’s website or call ahead to find out if it’s closed on a particular day.

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The Lincoln Memorial is seen on an overcast Presidents Day, February 15, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Presidents Day was first observed in 1796 in recognition of George Washington's birthday, the first President of the United States, which is February 22

Although banks have the authority to follow their own schedules, most will hold transactions on a bank holiday, posting them on the next business day.

Other places closed on Presidents Day are: 

  1. The stock market
  2. Federal government offices
  3. Schools
  4. Post offices
  5. U.S. district courts
  6. Most state and local courthouses
  7. Most state and local government offices

What’s open on Presidents Day?

The majority of retail stores and restaurants will be open on Presidents Day, but consumers should check the businesses' websites as hours may vary. 

What is Presidents Day?

Presidents Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. In 2024, Presidents Day falls on Monday, Feb. 19.

The holiday was initially established in 1879 to honor George Washington, the nation’s first president. It was celebrated on Feb. 22, his birthday. Today, Presidents Day is an occasion to recognize all U.S. presidents, past and present, though some people still call it Washington’s Birthday.

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.