What's new in iOS 18: AI-generated emojis, smart Siri, and more

Apple's upcoming iOS 18 update marks a significant shift for the company as it embraces artificial intelligence in a big way. 

While AI has been a buzzword in the tech industry for years, Apple has taken a more measured approach, waiting until now to integrate these capabilities into its operating system fully.

Bloomberg recently reported that this strategic move comes as competitors like Google and Samsung have already established their AI-driven features.

With iOS 18, Apple aims to deliver an AI experience that prioritizes user privacy and on-device processing. Here are the top 10 features to look forward to:

Generative AI for Siri

Siri will receive a major upgrade with generative AI capabilities, allowing it to understand context and provide more accurate responses. 

This AI-driven enhancement will make Siri a much more powerful and useful virtual assistant, capable of handling complex tasks with ease.

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On-device AI models

Apple is introducing new AI models that run locally on the device rather than in the cloud. This approach ensures faster response times and better privacy, as data does not need to be sent to external servers, aligning with Apple's commitment to user privacy and security.

Advanced photo retouching

Leveraging AI, iOS 18 will include sophisticated photo retouching features that allow users to edit images more effectively directly on their devices. These tools will enable professional-quality adjustments with just a few taps.

Voice memo transcription

The new update will transcribe voice memos automatically, making it easier for users to convert spoken words into text for easy reference and sharing. This feature is expected to be particularly useful for professionals and students.

Suggested replies

iOS 18 will introduce AI-generated suggested replies for emails and messages, streamlining communication and saving time for users.

Auto-generated emojis

Based on the content of messages, iOS 18 will automatically generate appropriate emojis, adding a fun and personalized touch to conversations.

RCS messaging support

Apple will add support for Rich Communication Services (RCS), enhancing messaging capabilities between iPhone and Android users with features like read receipts, typing indicators, and higher-quality media sharing.

Enhanced accessibility features

New accessibility tools, including Adaptive Voice Shortcuts and improved Live Speech categories, make iOS 18 more inclusive for users with disabilities.

Customizable home screen

Users will have more freedom to customize their home screens, including the ability to create gaps between app icons, providing a more personalized and organized layout.

AI-powered Apple Music and Pages

Significant AI-based improvements are expected for Apple Music and Pages, offering enhanced functionality and user experience in these popular apps.

These features in iOS 18 highlight the growing trend of generative AI in the tech industry, as companies like Apple increasingly integrate advanced AI capabilities into their products.