Previously unreleased Waylon Jennings music set for 2025 release

Country singer Waylon Jennings performs at the Omni Coliseum on March 2, 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Tom Hill/Getty Images)

Country music enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate. Previously unheard recordings by the legendary Waylon Jennings are slated for release in 2025.

This exciting collection, unearthed and prepared by Jennings' son, Shooter Jennings, marks the first posthumous release since 2012. 

Shooter Jennings shared his excitement about the project last week, saying, "I’m in possession of a treasure trove of previously unheard full-band Waylon Jennings multi-track recordings from the ‘70s and early ‘80s. These are not demos, these are not unfinished, but they will take some time to explore, prepare and mix."

Why is this release significant?

The release of this new music is a major event for several reasons. Jennings, who passed away in 2002, left an indelible mark on country music as a key figure in the outlaw country movement with his unique sound and rebellious spirit.

The last posthumous album, "Waylon Forever," came out in 2008, followed by "Goin' Down Rockin': The Last Recordings" in 2012.

The discovery of these new recordings adds another chapter to his storied career, providing fans with previously unheard material that captures Jennings at the height of his musical prowess.

Shooter Jennings, an accomplished artist in his own right, has spent years digitizing and preparing these recordings, saying, "I have begun preparing the material to be mixed right here in Snake Mountain, on this beautiful 1976 Demedio Custom API console. These are not demos, these are not unfinished, but, they will take some time to explore, prepare and mix."

How were these recordings discovered?

In a post on social media, Shooter recounted a story from his childhood about a locked storage room in their family home filled with gray boxes containing his father's work. 

Shooter explained that these tapes were stored in various studios around Nashville after his father's death. 

Shooter began digitizing the collection in 2008, with a significant update in 2014, but it wasn't until recently that he had the time and resources to explore the archive fully.

Shooter explained, "What I expected to find was a catalog of all of my dad’s albums and recordings. I knew there were a few songs that were never released, for whatever reasons, so I had my fingers crossed that I would maybe find something special and rare along the way that I could share with you. What I found was a massive historical documentation of a man, and a band with an incredible friendship, work ethic and deep passion for playing and recording music."

Shooter said fans can look forward to new, classic Waylon Jennings music in 2025.