Watch: Thief disguised as trash bag steals package

Porch pirates are getting more and more creative these days. 

A Sacramento homeowner was the victim of a porch pirate and while he was disappointed that his package was stolen, he couldn’t help but laugh at the creativity behind the heist. 

Omar Munoz was away from his home when he saw that he had a package delivered. 

But when he returned, there was no package waiting for him at his front door. 

Luckily, Munoz had security cameras monitoring the area and decided to check if he could see what became of his package. 

Munoz was surprised to see that his package was delivered to his front porch, but then he saw a trash bag with feet inching its way toward the package and proceeded to "swallow" it up. 

FILE - Freeze frame image from video showing thief disguised as a trash bag stealing a package from a resident's front porch.  (Omar Gabriel Munoz via Storyful)

Munoz surmised that there was a person crouched underneath the trash bag who stole his package. 

"At first I was angry because my iPhone charger broke, so I was expecting my package. But later when I saw the video, I was just laughing because it was funny. They’re smart," Munoz told FOX TV Stations. 

Munoz said this was the first time he had ever had a package stolen from his front porch but didn’t contact police. 

He ended up reordering a new phone charger and said that he isn’t too bothered by the theft. 

"So, it was probably a kid just messing around. I don’t think it’s going to happen again," Munoz said. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.