Watch: Indiana officer rescues 2 dogs from icy pond

A police officer in Indiana was caught on body cam rescuing two Labradors from an icy pond over the weekend. 

Officer Trent Hullinger was near Ivan Lebamoff Reservoir Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Jan. 28 when he responded to a call from a concerned resident. 

After Hullinger arrived at the park, his body camera recorded him hurriedly approaching two black Labrador retrievers that appeared to be stuck in a pond. 

FILE - Still image from body cam footage showing Officer Trent Hullinger rescuing two Labs from an icy pond. (Fort Wayne Police Department via Storyful)

The temperature at that time was approximately 34 degrees and the rain had begun to turn into snow, according to the Fort Wayne Police Department.  

"Both dogs appeared to be unable to get themselves out of the water as their heads and front paws were clinging to the concrete edging surrounding the water," the department said. 

Hullinger is seen in the footage hoisting both dogs out of the cold water and onto the concrete. 

Once out of the water, Hullinger can be heard in the video encouraging the dogs to follow him, "Good boys! Come on! Come on! You want to go bye, bye?" 

Both dogs appeared well enough to jog alongside Hullinger as he coaxed them back to his police cruiser. 

The Labs were given to Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control "with hopes of reuniting the dogs with their owner or finding them a new home," police said. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.