Watch: 10-year-old boy steals construction equipment, wreaks havoc on neighborhood

A 10-year-old boy is accused of stealing a Bobcat construction vehicle and wreaking havoc as he drove it through a Pittsburgh neighborhood.

According to KDKA, the child stole the equipment from a construction site in Mt. Lebanon around 7:30 p.m. Monday. Surveillance video from Anna Jean Sunder shows the child plow through a fence while driving the vehicle on the sidewalk.

The homeowners can be seen running out of their house and chasing the Bobcat vehicle down the street. Police told KDKA the child struck multiple vehicles, a fence and a stop sign.

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"I couldn't make out a face, but I did take a mental note that the person driving it did seem a little bit short," neighbor Lucy Sullivan told WTAE. "They were wearing a hard hat with a headlamp, so it was quite bright — and you couldn't really see his face."

A neighbor whose car was damaged said the estimated repairs totaled more than $15,000.

"I was in the shower, and I just heard just like a really loud crash and a bunch of beeping. And I had a feeling, honestly, I've been in a lot of car accidents, so I had a feeling it was probably be my car, but I didn't know it'd be anything like this," Taylor Shea said.

Police released the child back to his family about an hour after he was caught, reports say.