Vintage Apple-1 computer for sale at auction

A photo of the Apple-1 computer that RR Auction is auctioning. (RR Auction)

An auction house has put an Apple-1 computer up for bids. 

RR Auction will field bids on the vintage device until Aug. 24, according to the listing on its website. It has become available for purchase as part of a larger Apple and Steve Jobs-focused auction that the auction house started in July. 

The auction house has projected the functioning Apple-1 computer could end up getting bought for over $200,000. Bidding for it had already reached over $111,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

The Associated Press earlier reported on the computer.


The Apple-1, which has belonged to its current owner since 1980, features "its period custom-built case, keyboard, and power supply," RR Auction’s listing said. 

Part of the Apple-1 computer that RR Auction is auctioning with Steve Wozniak's signature visible. (RR Auction)

It sports a signature from Steve Wozniak, who along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne formed tech giant Apple in the 70s. The winning bidder will get a photo capturing Wozniak adding his name to the device in 2017.

It returned to an "operational state" a couple months ago, according to the auction house.

"Owning an Apple-1 is like holding the blueprint of a $3 trillion legacy in your hands," RR Auction Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston said in a statement to FOX Business. 


RR Auction described the Apple-1 computer model as "one of the first ‘personal’ computers which did not require soldering by the end user." That became the case after computer store owner Paul Terrell asked for fully-assembled ones instead when Jobs got in contact with him, according to the auction house’s listing.

The Apple Inc. logo at one of the company's stores in Sydney, Australia, on Friday, March 18, 2022. The debut of Apple's latest iPhone brings a change to the way its U.S. customers can purchase the device, a move toward cutting wireless carriers out

Jobs and Wozniak built roughly 200 in a 1976-77 timeframe, it said. 

Apple has produced a slew of products since the company got its start over four decades ago, including iPods, Macs, iPhones, Apple Watches and more. In 2022, the company’s various product categories brought in a total of $316.2 billion in revenue, on top of $78.1 billion from its services.

The tech giant’s market capitalization hovered around $3.08 trillion as of Tuesday afternoon. Its stock, at nearly $196 per share, has experienced a 21% increase in the course of the past 12 months. 

Apple has its third-quarter financial results slated for release on Thursday.

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