Video shows Maui survivors jumping into water to escape devastating fire

Dramatic video shows several in Lahaina, Hawaii jumping into the ocean to escape the wildfire. 

Two survivors told KTVU's sister station FOX 11 that they jumped into the ocean and waited in the water for eight hours before being rescued. 

"It sounded like a giant blow torch…we had to run in the ocean…we're in the ocean probably like eight hours…flames were hitting…things were falling from the palm tree," Lahaina resident Joan Hayashi said.

The Lahaina wildfire has claimed at least 67 lives, with more than 1000 people unaccounted for and considered missing. 

The historic tourist destination had a population of around 13,000 and was known for its beautiful beaches and art galleries. 

Widespread communication issues hindered effective warnings, with several people reporting they did not know of the dangerous situation until they heard explosions or saw flames. 

Teams from California have since traveled to the state to provide assistance.