Truck carrying 3 kids flies into lagoon in Monroe County, driver suspected of being drunk

A woman accused of being drunk went airborne in her truck into a lagoon in Monroe County on Sunday. Three children were inside the vehicle as well.

A home security camera captured the out-of-control truck as it careened into the body of water, taking out a chunk of berm along the way. The incident took place in the area of Superior Street and North Street in Frenchtown Township, about 20 minutes south of the DTW airport.

"It sounded like it was my truck or my neighbor across the street’s house, that’s what it sounded like," a local resident, Bobbi, said.

Those nearby heard the commotion and rushed over to see what happened.

"The driver was an adult. Her daughter and her daughter’s two friends (were in the truck)," Bobbi said. "I want to say the age range was about 13-16."

She and other neighbors helped rescue two of the girls in the back of the truck, which was stuck in mud.

"They were awake and they were banged up. Face was banged up. They had some cuts and all that, and the one girl was unconscious, and I believe the driver was awake as well," Bobbi said.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said they believe the driver had been drinking. 

The incident makes many in Monroe County think of the two children who were killed in the Swan Boat Club crash. Police say a drunk woman crashed through the wall during a birthday party last month.

"People are a little wild around here. Cops are always watching for speeders, doing their best, but people just can’t get through their heads – go the speed limit," another resident said. "We got kids out here, ya know?"

First responders and neighbors said they are thankful the water levels where the truck landed were low at the time.

"It was scary for everybody involved. I’m just glad that we were all home and were able to assist, and they weren’t sitting in there until somebody drove by and found them," Bobbi said.

The driver was hospitalized. 

The incident is still under investigation.