Starbucks pink Stanley cups: Shoppers line up at Targets at 3 a.m.

Across the country, crowds are lining up as early as 3 a.m. to get their hands on a product that is blowing up online.

People were waiting outside for a chance to get their hands on an exclusive Starbucks pink Stanley quencher vacuum stainless steel tumbler, available only in Target stores.

The special 40-ounce cups were first released last May and there was another release in November.

Wednesday's drop featured a special pink and red winter edition of the popular cup, called the "Galentine's Day" collection, referring to the date celebrating female friendship.


Video from one TikTok user shows customers in Goodyear, Arizona, rushing and shoving to get their hands on the colorful cups.

"There's a limit two per guest!" an employee is heard saying in the video.

Crissy Reed told our sister station KDFW she waited outside a Target in Cedar Hill, Texas, for a chance to get one of the tumblers for herself and her daughter.

The store said only one purchase was allowed to be made per household and even checked IDs to make sure no one was double-dipping.

"My daughter and I got it. I love it. So it was a must," she told KDFW.

Managers at the Cedar Hill location said they only had 38 of the tumblers, which sold out very quickly.

KDFW visited three Target locations on Wednesday morning, and all three said the cups had completely sold out.

Local news outlets in California, Nevada and Illinois also reported long lines at Targets for the exclusive item.

The popular cups sold for $49.95 at Target stores. KDFW spotted some of the cups on eBay for $140-$220.


Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler. Image: Stanley via PR Newswire

What are Stanley cups?

You may be surprised to learn that Stanley cups aren’t new to the market. 

In fact, Stanley is a brand that was founded in 1913 and has spent its years mostly marketing its products to workmen and as outdoorsy and adventure-y. 

The brand also offers a variety of other drinkware, camp cookware, and food storage containers. But the viral product we’re talking about is the $40 Stanley Quencher, which was more formally first introduced by the brand as the Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler. 

It holds 40 oz. of liquid, is dishwasher safe, made of recycled stainless steel, keeps liquids for hours at their desired temps, and has a handle, straw and tapered edge allowing it to fit in a cup holder – basically, everything you could ask for in a day cup. 

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