Son charged with murder, abusing corpse after father beheaded in Levittown home: police

A disturbing murder is under investigation after police say a man was found beheaded in his Bucks County home, and now confirm that his son has been arrested and charged for the gruesome death.

Police were responding to reports of a death on the 100 block of Upper Orchard Drive Tuesday night when they discovered the body in a downstairs bathroom. 

Court documents released by the DA's Office detailed the horrific discovery, stating officers found the man's head in a plastic bag in a bedroom next to the bathroom, a machete and large kitchen knife in a bathtub, and rubber gloves on a desk and in a trashcan.

Officials identified the victim as 68-year-old Michael F. Mohn, and said that he was initially found by his wife who called the police.

The man's son, identified by police as 32-year-old Justin Mohn, was quickly determined to be a person of interest and located nearly two hours away in his father's vehicle near Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County.


Justin Mohn, 32, has been charged with murder and abusing a corpse after his father was found beheaded. (Bucks County District Attorney’s Office)

He was arrested and charged with murder and abuse of a corpse, and has since been incarcerated. 

"He's being transported back from 40 Indiantown Gap by our officers. He'll go to our station, he'll be processed, fingerprinted, photographed, and then transported up to Bucks County Correctional Facility," Middletown Police Capt. Pete Feeney said prior to the suspect's transfer.


FOX 29's Hank Flynn says he spoke to the police captain about a disturbing video posted by Mohn shortly after the murder, showing his father's decapitated head and saying "He is now in hell for eternity." The nearly 15-minute video has since been removed.

The captain says this type of heinous crime is rarely ever seen in the area, and that this home was not known to police.

"No, not familiar to us at all. I mean, we have a few incidents in our record system that we've come out here for various, you know, minor things… and nothing of a violent nature, nothing, you know, that indicated anything like this," he said.