Sacramento woman allegedly steals over 60 Stanley cups, bottles from store

Despite the heavy rain Northern California is receiving, people are craving water - given that one woman allegedly stole dozens of Stanley cups and bottles, according to Roseville police.

Officers said Wednesday afternoon, a woman filled her shopping cart with 65 Stanley products from a store on the 6000 block of Stanford Ranch Road and walked out without paying, refusing to stop for store staff and shoving her car full of the stolen bottles. 


Stanley cup collector, 16, says her parents have spent $3,000 to get her every style tumbler: ‘Obsessed’

A 16-year-old from Alabama says her parents have spent around $3,000 over the last year to help her collect every style and color of Stanley cup available.

Officers spotted the car used in the alleged theft as it entered Highway 65 from Galleria Boulevard and performed a traffic stop. There, the officer arrested the unidentified 23-year-old from Sacramento for grand theft. 

A search of the car recovered 65 Stanley products estimated to be $2,500. 


Photos of the scene from the Roseville police show the tumblers nearly tumbling out of the car's trunk and passenger side.

"While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits," authorities said in a post.