Possible kidnapping suspect leads police chase, standoff in Long Beach, Compton

A man possibly linked to a kidnapping case is in custody – but not before leading a short police chase that ended in an hours-long standoff in Compton.

On Friday evening, the suspect – inside a white van – led the California Highway Patrol and the Long Beach Police Department on a brief chase that ended on the 710 Freeway near Long Beach.

The suspect kept moving and stopping the van before stopping the vehicle for good in Compton. Despite being shot at with nonlethals by the cops, the suspect refused to surrender to the police for hours.

Eventually, law enforcement officers in tactical gear ambushed the car, pulling the man out of the white van and placed him in custody.

Nobody else was inside the van when the arrest took place.

Officials did not specify which kidnapping case the suspect is linked to.

SkyFOX captured images of the suspect's van a little after 5 p.m. Friday. 

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