Police chase suspect tries to back into cop car after pursuit across LA County

SkyFOX captures the bizarre moments where a man who led police on a chase across Los Angeles County tries to back into one of the cop cars.

FOX 11's chopper was initially over the scene near downtown Los Angeles as the suspect led the California Highway Patrol on a chase on the 110 Freeway. 

The suspect eventually switched to the 405 Freeway and passed through several South Bay neighborhoods. The suspect briefly stopped the car at an intersection in Inglewood before once again stepping on the gas pedal, extending the chase.

After a couple of screaming matches over rolled-down windows, the suspect eventually stopped the car at an intersection in the Palos Verdes area. The second the suspect hopped out of the cars, several officers surrounded him and as he was about to be placed in handcuffs, the man appears to aggressively lean toward one of the officers, possibly trying to headbutt the cop.

The suspect was placed in custody after a very brief struggle. He was initially wanted for refusing to pull over and for driving without a license plate. It is unknown if he was wanted for other crimes.