What's this 107-year-old Florida woman's secret to a long life? 'Stay happy!'

As of December 8, Grace LePane is 107 years old. FOX 35 stopped by the Florida woman's house on her birthday. We asked about her hobbies and how she spends her days.

"What do I like to do? Right now I don’t like to do anything," LePane laughed.

Her family says that is not true at all – she gets up every morning and dresses like she’s going to work, making sure to always look composed and professional.

"She’s a little doll," one of her twin daughters, Linda Hernandez, said, gesturing to her mother’s hair and jewelry, all perfectly in place.


Grace LePane with her twin daughters, Linda Hernandez and Janis DiTore

LePane’s children say she also helps cook, goes shopping with her family, and most importantly, hangs out with her grandkids and great-grandkids. 

"As long as my family is with me, I’m happy," said LePane. "That’s the most important thing."

This weekend, LePane has relatives flying in from all over the country to celebrate her birthday. Folks are coming in from Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, and New York, where she spent 66 years of her life. 


Forty-one years ago, she moved to Oviedo, and other family members gradually made the move as well. 

"We used to take vacations to come down here, and then we figured we might as well live here," LePane explained.

Her life hasn’t always been easy.  She lived through the Great Depression. She had a son who died of Polio at the age of 7. Her husband died shortly after.  Today, family is incredibly important to her.

"Happy to have all my family here," she said.

And the way she’s been able to make it all these years? What’s the secret to her long life?

"Just to stay happy," LePane answered. "That’s the most important."

Happy birthday, Grace!