1 person spent $3K on Stanley cups: Here's other ways to spend that kind of cash

A 16-year-old recently made headlines when she said her parents have spent around $3,000 over the last year to help her maintain her Stanley cup fanaticism. 

"I’m obsessed," Amelia Awad, 16, told the Wall Street Journal recently of the viral tumbler craze. After getting her first cup a year ago, she now has 67. 

Regardless of whether you think $3,000 is an appropriate amount to spend on sippy cups, FOX TV Stations looked into what else consumers could spend with $3,000.

A luxury mattress: 

For just over $2,500 you could get the most expensive options from luxury mattress brand Nectar – voted the best overall mattress of 2024 by Forbes – and still have some change left over to buy a couple Stanley Cups. 

Legit samurai armor: 

A set of Akai Oni Samurai Armor from Katana Sword would only set you back $2,600. According to the company's description the Akai Oni samurai were elite troops that wore crimson armor to show off their fearsome fighting spirit. 

Nearly 10,000 McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

According to McDonald's website, the average cost for a 40-piece is $13.27. When asked ChatGPT to calculate how many nuggets you could buy with $3,000 based on the average cost of a 40-piece, it found that one could buy 9,040 nuggets with $3,000 based on the average price. 

A jacuzzi

At only $2,400 this purchase really speaks for itself. 

You could buy land

Land.com is your destination to buy actual plots of land and yes $3,000 is enough. $3,050 can get you an actual acre of land in Willcox, Arizona. 

A brand new-ish car!

Check out Kelly Blue Book's website for cars $3,000 and under. There are plenty. 

A vacation

There are several ways to approach this but $3,000 would easily help you snatch an all inclusive vacation to pretty much any destination. 

Sandals offers various packages starting at $300 a night. 

Travelers trying to shell out that kind of cash could also stay at the iconic Invisible House in Joshua Tree, California. 

Pay off some debt

This one isn't fun but it's practical. 

U.S. consumers now owe roughly $12.73 trillion to banks and other lenders for mortgages, car loans and credit card spending, according to the New York Federal Reserve. 

Whether its student loans or car payments, the extra $3,000 would help anyone get a bit closer to financial freedom.