Oklahoma teen gifts bikes to kids at Christmas parade 13 years after one was gifted to him

When 16-year-old Zane Rhoades was 3 a local firefighter gifted him a bicycle as a surprise present during the annual Grove Christmas Parade which happens in his town in Oklahoma. 

While he doesn't remember the name of the firefighter, he'll never forget the feeling he got getting that bicycle. "I remember getting a bike, it was red, some stripes on it and I was just really happy," he told local reporters.

Now, he's practicing one of the best lessons any person could grow up learning: Paying it forward. 

Zane and his father Steve have decided to hand out bikes to kids in the crowd for this year’s Grove Christmas Parade. 

"You know they were just walking down and handed a little kid a bike and they had no idea it was going to have that effect on somebody, but that’s why it stuck with me, just how much of an impact it had on a little kid," Steve said.

The father and son duo entered the family boat in the parade which they used to hand out eight bikes to kids aged 10 and under in the crowd. 

"We just kind of thought of the idea and figured it would be cool to give out a lot of bikes to other people, kind of pass it on, pass it forward," Zane said.

The two hope to make this a tradition. Their only wish is to find out who gifted Zane the bike 13 years ago so they can thank him.