Oklahoma's state superintendent has been locked out of his own Ed. Dept. website for years

FILE-A teacher interacts with students virtually while sitting in an empty classroom. (Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images)

An Oklahoma state superintendent faced criticism from a panel member during a meeting for being locked out of his education department website for two years. 

During a meeting with local officials discussing school funding, the state superintendent addressed his problems accessing the website. 

In a video posted on X, formerly Twitter, on June 21 by the media outlet Heartland Signal, two men attempt to explain why they can’t use the site. 

The footage doesn’t identify the three men engaged in the exchange about the website. 

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One man starts the discussion by sharing his thoughts on the inability to use the website by saying, "To try and gain access there was a dependency on creating standalone websites previously, and under our new technology and re-refining back to our support we are trying to get access, and they have been working with us these last few weeks to get it since this was funneled up as a concern," he said. 

A panel member replies "So just for clarity, you do not have access to your website, to update your website?"

Another man chimes in to explain the mishap. "Previous employees would stand up additional websites in the previous administration with sole access to some of these websites and when they left they didn’t give us information about how to access those things." 

The panel member, seemingly baffled by his answer, says "But that was two years ago, this is not making sense to me at all. "You don’t have access to the dashboard, but you have numbers on the dashboard. How did those numbers get on there if you don’t have access?"

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.