Nurse takes stuffed animal on hospital adventure after young patient leaves toy behind

A nurse at a Maine hospital decided to have some heartfelt fun with a stuffed animal left behind by a 6-year-old girl who had surgery.

Northern Light Mercy Hospital said Eloise Doane recently had her tonsils removed. 

To comfort her during the procedure, Eloise brought along her stuffed pig, named "Piggy."

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"It was my first time having a kid go through surgery, so it was a stressful few days," Gabby Doane, Eloise’s mom, told WMTW. 

But when Eloise left the hospital, she also left Piggy.

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Nurse Phoebe Stritch took "Piggy" on an adventure around the hospital after 6-year-old Eloise Doane left it behind following surgery.  (Northern Light Health)

That was when Phoebe Stritch, RN, decided to take the stuffed animal on an adventure around the hospital and document it in a personalized children's book for Eloise. 

When Eloise returned to the hospital to pick up Piggy, she also received the book, which was filled with pictures of Piggy doing various activities at the hospital. 

"He got to measure his height and weight," Eloise said in a video provided by the hospital. "He got to go in a wheelchair, and he got to go into the operating room."

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"It did bring tears to my eyes," Gabby added. "I couldn't believe how sweet it was to think of someone working, you know, after hours or spending the additional time, to make such a sweet thing for Eloise."

"It was really, really nice," she added. 

Stritch said it took her about half an hour to take the pictures along with the help of a co-worker. She finished the book at home and then gave it to Eloise. 

"She was super smiley and excited to see where Piggy went," Stritch said. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.