Narrow miss: Man nearly gets hit by car while checking his mail in California

A man was nearly hit by an out-of-control car while checking his mail in Fresno, Calif., in what he called a "near-death experience."

Ruben Almaraz was going to his mailbox on the street on Tuesday, when two cars in the background collided and swerved behind him at the intersection of Tulare and Minnewawa avenues, according to surveillance footage on his property. 

The crash sends one of the vehicles skidding at high-speed toward Almaraz before he was able to jump out of the way. 

Almaraz told Storyful that he felt like th ordeal was "near-death experience" and told local media he witnesses two to three crashes at the intersection per month. He said he told a city councilperson about it. 

It's unclear what happened to the drivers of the two other cars. 

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.